Now in its fourth year, the Student Leaders' Summit is the premier conference for the heads of student investing groups. Student leaders from dozens of universities are invited to share strategies for supporting the development of the next generation of investing talent - and to meet some of their most accomplished peers.

Last year's Summit (26 July 2014)

Last year's Summit (26 July 2014)


In the past, the Summit has consisted of a series of round-table discussions on the following topics:

  • Helping members with career planning
  • Fostering a culture of inclusivity
  • Maximising member engagement
  • Building industry relations
  • Developing key skills: technical, networking, and personal

With 45 leaders representing 36 groups from across 22 universities at our last Leaders' Summit, we found the round-table format to no longer be optimal. Starting with the 2015 Summit, we will instead run the event as a series of panels.

This change allows us to accommodate a much larger number of student representatives and also makes it possible for us to get industry leaders to contribute to the discussion. 

Key details

  • Doors open at noon and the event starts at 1pm (see Schedule). We would encourage you to arrive early so that you have time to mingle with other attendees.
  • Suggested dress code is business formal minus the tie for men and comparable attire for women.
  • We will not be sharing attendees’ contact information this year - so if you have business cards, do bring them.
  • Attendees are encouraged to continue their discussion over dinner after the Summit ends at 5:30pm. Five to six dinner groups will be hosted by our industry partners.



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